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Craig O'Manion

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  • Swimming

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Craig's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Intermediate Mountain Biker 
 Advanced Fitness Lap Swimmer, Recreational Swimmer 
 Advanced I practice yoga to maintain my health, I practice yoga to increase physical strength, I practice yoga for the mind/body connection, I practice yoga to increase flexibility, I practice yoga to reduce stress 

Craig's Profile

Height 5 feet 9 inches (175.3 cm)
Handedness Right Handed
Education Other Education
Occupation Media
Diet Vegetarian diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities every day
Languages Danish, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Craig's Bio

I have 3 great kids who are almost grown. I speak English, Swedish, Danish and read Norwegian. I also speak some Spanish and understand Brazilian Portuguese. I write songs and record them. I work in media design, television production and Swedish to English translation. I paint minimalistic images. In addition to swimming I play Squash, ride a mountain bike and I also like weight machines.

Craig's Recent Status Updates

Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion I really like the idea of swimming lessons seen as a right and not something extra that only some kids get. In India and other countries scores of people drown every year only because they do not have basic swimming skills.
6 years ago   
Rebecca Ruth Gill   at 1:26am June 22
apparently I really want to learn Hindi. I love Bollywood movies, and I love the sound of the language.
Simone Yarber   at 6:33pm June 26
i agree. it's a must.
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion I haven't been on here in a while but I HAVE been swimming LOL, almost every day. Glad to see this site is still here as a resource and connecting point, even if I can't browse the web in the water like I would like to.
7 years ago   
Rebecca Ruth Gill   at 12:07pm October 01
The I-Phone 5 is coming out. Still waiting for the underwater phone.
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion Is it global warming or what? Every outdoor pool I have been in this summer is warm.
8 years ago   
Rebecca Ruth Gill   at 2:18pm August 15
One of my friends told me about Lake Lanier drying up. There is a ring of mud & driftwood all the way around the lake. Is that from the lake being drained to use the water or are there other factors, such as drought?
Rebecca Ruth Gill   at 2:30pm August 15
My pool is wamed by the sun. When the pool pump is running, the water travels through a solar panel, making my pool warm enough for swim classes. Infants and children are more comfortable in pools above 82 degrees. 86 degress is perfect.
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion Why is it the more often I get into the water the less it feels like water and the more it feels like air-conditioned velvet or something?
8 years ago   
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion Just when I thought I'd adjust my sleeping patterns to fit pool hours, I have found a 24 hour pool. Maybe now I can learn to sleep like a whale, half my brain at a time. It works for them!
8 years ago   
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion If I wear a sea lion costume will they just let me sleep at the pool so I don't have to get up and drive back in the morning?
8 years ago   
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion If I wear different trunks this morning will they not realize I was just there last night?
8 years ago   
Rebecca Ruth Gill   at 10:35pm June 14
I usually wear a one-piece cross back suit. Every now and then, I wear a Tyr butterfly back suit. Do you keep a suit in your car?
Rebecca Ruth Gill   at 11:42pm June 14
I'm trying to keep a suit in my car. I do keep a first aid kit and a rescue breathing mask.
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion Realized its cool to swim in an indoor pool in a large glass enclosed space when it is raining hard outside.
8 years ago   
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion Yep, got in the water, now waiting to get in the water again!
8 years ago   
Craig O'Manion
Craig O'Manion Waiting to get into the water again!
8 years ago