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Eddie Avakoff

Eddie Avakoff
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31 years old
Burlingame, CA
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  • Surfing

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Eddie's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Advanced Fitness Cyclist, Competitive Cyclist, Road Cyclist, Cycling Fan 
 Pro/Elite I exercise to maintain my health, I exercise to increase performance in my sport, I exercise to gain muscle, I exercise for the mind/body connection 
 Intermediate Recreational Player 
 Beginner Recreational Gymnast 
 Beginner Beginning Player, Recreational Player 
 Advanced Competitive runner, Former runner 
 Beginner Recreational Player 
 Advanced Recreational surfer, Surfing fan 
 Pro/Elite Competitive Swimmer, Fitness Lap Swimmer, Open Water Swimmer, Recreational Swimmer, Swimming Fan 
 Pro/Elite Competitive Water Polo Player 
 Intermediate Recreational Wrestler , Wrestling Fan 

Eddie's Profile

Height 5 feet 9 inches (175.3 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Marital Status Single
Body Type Athletic
Have Kids? No Kids
Education College Degree
Occupation Fitness Instructor
Employment Status Full-time
Diet Body building diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities every day
Smoking I do not smoke
Drinking Social drinker
Seeking Female Ages 21 - 27
Languages English

Eddie's Bio

I have a passion for fitness. To me, its not just 'an hour in the gym every day' - to me, its a lifestyle. I pursue fitness as both a career and sport. Having competed in a wide variety of sports, from surfing to Olympic weightlifting to rock climbing. I believe that true "fitness" is the culmination of abilities enabling engagement in any chosen (or unchosen) activity. Additionally, fitness extends beyond athletic ability; its accompanied by sound nutrition, flexibility, balance, expanding knowledge, appropriate rest, and even hygiene. Fitness is about keeping your body at its peak functionality.

I am knowledgeable on the topic of fitness but constantly strive to learn new information that will make me a better athlete and coach. As fitness is an ever-evolving field, it is important to stay up-to-date with new developments in sports science and research. As important is research is, its also important to think 'outside the box' and come up with your own definition for "true fitness". Develop and execute various theories on yourself and evaluate the outcome. Simple 6th grade science...

People often fall into a monotonous routine of exercise; same workouts, same pattern of thought, same results. Expand your mind and dive into the endless possibilities that fitness can become..... (**cue encouraging music here** )

Eddie's Education

High School Junipero Serra High School
Graduated in 2004
College UC Santa Barbara
Attended as an Undergraduate
BA Film Degree
Concentration in Advertising
Graduated in 2009

Eddie's Teams


Ice Hockey

Eddie's Listings

newark, ca
Ice Hockey Teams

Eddie's Recent Status Updates

Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff You have one life. Don't waste it doing something you aren't satisfied with. Never settle. Kick ass and take names. Word.
7 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff 1lb burger?!?! And its free if I finish it?!? The thought of this brings a tear of joy to my eye...
7 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff eat eat eat eat eat eat eat lift
7 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff I eat lots of eggs.
7 years ago   
Andrea Drugay   at 2:28pm September 22
Cool Hand Eddie
Daley Tocher   at 6:21pm January 05
Sometimes nuthin's a real cool hand.
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Well hello iSport. You're certainly looking classy today. New haircut? Thought so. Let's have lunch? Kinders? Sweet; it's a date!!! Jon Campbell, you're not invited.
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 6:05pm September 21
Gotta appreciate someone who can hold a conversation with themselves! =)
Irina Z   at 9:02pm September 21
I love you, Eddie!! Thanks for all the nutrition advice for hockey!
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Why was everyone so excited about football season when the niners played like that? Now World's Strongest Man: that sport never fails to impress...
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Who has two thumbs and is the newest sponsored triathlete with Cliff Bar!?!??!?! (hint: its not Steve Connolly)
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 7:00pm September 09
@ Patrick, CB (Caren Bonnet) says duly noted. hahaha
Caren B   at 7:28pm September 10
Eddie - do I go for it? It's a few miles away from me.
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff 2 triathlons this weekend: Saturday and Sunday: Back-to-Back. Some say its crazy. I say bring it on!
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff   at 12:59pm September 08
Monterey. Olympic distance the first day, sprint distance the second day! Makes for a fun weekend out of town!
Daley Tocher   at 7:33pm September 09
You're crazy.
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Just finished the Alcatraz Tri. Amazing event. Easily, the most scenic course I've ever participated in. Rocked out a 3rd place in my division, reppin the iSport name. Truly an incredible and memorable race.
8 years ago   
Kris Gorman   at 2:22pm August 30
Good stuff Edward!! Team Edward all the way!!
Justin L   at 8:17pm August 30
Way to represent -- good job Eddie. Is the bike improving? That's a great result!
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Abraham Lincoln
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 2:32pm August 26
Jonathan Campbell   at 3:30pm August 26
"Another victory; they can't get with me, so pick a B.C. date cause your history"
-- Big Daddy Kane
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Mr. Weather: 104 degrees? Is that all you got? Any colder and I'll have to start bringing my parka to the office.... Also, BBQ today. BBQ!
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff SF Alcatraz Triathlon this weekend. Cant wait. Reppin iSport in the new gear. Time to kick some serious butt and dominate!
8 years ago   
Ronny C   at 2:35pm August 24
Good Luck!
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff AMAZING trip but glad to be back in the BAY. Lets do work this week!
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Hockey. Cheeseburgers. Happy today.
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff SB this weekend for a lifting tournament. Time to cause a ruckus...
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff   at 5:27pm August 12
not sure yet; they post the workouts 2nite at 7. Doesn't matter tho... Whatever they throw at me, I will crush and ask them for more. Get some!
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Good glorious afternoon iSport, you're looking classy as always. Rumor has it, the famous Jonathan Campbell will be making another hockey appearance on the black top tomorrow. Is this true!?! If so, can I have his autograph!?!? In other news, Chris McCormick is awesome!
8 years ago   
Jimmy Tran   at 9:58pm August 10
Congrats Chris! Now you can finally take me to the Drive-In like you promised!
Chris M   at 3:44pm August 11
Thanks guys! And Pat, no... I'll just have to squeeze it into my schedule. Yours is coming, by the way!
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Jonathan Campbell has officially gone wild. He won't stop doing burpees and deadlifting medium-sized sedans. Jonathan Campbell. Jonathan Campbell.
8 years ago   
josef rabinowitz   at 3:52pm August 10
bob dole. bob dole. bob dole.
Jonathan Campbell   at 3:56pm August 10
Come on, Eddie. You know I've never lifted anything larger than a '93 Saturn.
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff you're lookin classy out there iSport users: Staying fit AND knowledgeable. A deadly combo to excel in any sport. Keep giving fitness that 1-2 KO punch & accomplish great things!
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff PR on deadlifts this morning! And Daley helped me find the raisins for my oatmeal! Its already shaping up to be the best day of my life!
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 6:43pm August 04
Simple is good... I'm just picking on ya. =)
Jesse Bodas   at 7:17pm August 04
gotta get some bananas or apples up in that oatmeal mix. I did that and was like "hold up oatmeal, no you didn't. I was like wwwhhaaatttt this is delicious. "
Eddie Avakoff
Eddie Avakoff Been a minute since hockey: time to dominate. Other team: put on your running shoes....
8 years ago   
josef rabinowitz   at 2:40pm August 03
I'm coming out of retirement today. Just call me the Brett Favre of the iSport hockey league