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Erin Todd

Erin Todd
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34 years old
San Ramon, CA
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  • Water Polo

Erin's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Advanced Competitive Swimmer, Swimming Fan 

Erin's Profile

Height 5 feet 7 inches (170.2 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Education Bachelors Degree
Occupation Writer
Diet I do not follow a specific diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities every day
Languages English

Erin's Education

High School Campolindo High School
Graduated in 2003
College UC Berkeley
English Degree
Concentration in American Literature,20th Century Literature
Graduated in 2007

Erin's Listings

Walnut Creek
Swim Teams
Moraga, CA
Swimming Pools

Erin's Recent Status Updates

Erin Todd
Erin Todd My swim team's annual 3am swim practice is next Thursday! Woot woot!
7 years ago   
Allie O'Connell   at 10:26pm February 17
lol maybe if I didn't go to sleep the night before... and didn't have to work the next day... hehe
Erin Todd   at 2:35pm February 18
It's just for fun. Last year I went to the 3am practice, and then stuck around for the 5 other practices that are offered throughout the day. I don't think I'm up for that this time, though!
Erin Todd
Erin Todd Best. Practice. Ever. Love sprint sets! :)
7 years ago   
Erin Todd
Erin Todd Got timed in the 50 Back at practice last night. Got the best time out of the group! Even beat all the guys by .3 seconds! Boo-yah! :)
7 years ago   
Alexi Ueltzen   at 6:07pm January 27
Where is the like button...
Erin Todd   at 6:14pm January 27
Haha thanks ladies! It was definitely a solid ego boost. Love beating guys at something :D
Erin Todd
Erin Todd This cold weather is making it more difficult to crawl out of bed and jump into the pool for 5:30am swim practice. Anyone have advice for staying positive and motivated as the cold season approaches?
8 years ago   
Erin Todd
Erin Todd Got 2nd place! Looking forward to next weekend's swim meet as well :)
8 years ago   
ian wing   at 12:34am October 05
Erin Todd
Erin Todd Getting nervous for my swim meet!
8 years ago   
Craig Kreutzberg   at 5:53pm October 01
Erin Todd   at 2:20pm October 04
haha thanks, Craig! :)
Erin Todd
Erin Todd Had an awesome morning practice today. Doesn't get much better than Butterfly sprints!
8 years ago   
Erin Todd   at 1:11pm September 22
Hahahaha thanks, Eddie! Glad you understand my appreciation for Butterfly sprints! There's not too many of us out there
Erin Todd   at 6:40pm September 22
Some of it was! haha yeah 25s, 50s, and 75s
Erin Todd
Erin Todd The best sunrise is seen from the swimming pool :)
8 years ago   
Chris M   at 3:39pm September 02
2nd place: the golf course.
Erin Todd
Erin Todd Does anyone else feel guilty when they take a recovery day?
8 years ago   
Erin Todd   at 12:34pm September 02
Jen- thanks for that! That makes me feel like less of a slacker :)
And Caren, I've definitely been there before! Doesn't it seem like getting to the pool half the battle? (...or maybe more like 2/3 haha)
Caren B   at 4:10pm September 02
Yes, more like 90%! ;-)
Erin Todd
Erin Todd There's nothing like that sore feeling after a great workout!
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff   at 1:27pm August 30
totally agree. love that feeling!