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Jenny Blackfoot

Jenny Blackfoot
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46 years old
Sunnyvale, CA

Jenny's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Intermediate Recreational running 
 New Beginning Swimmer 

Jenny's Profile

Height 5 feet 2 inches (157.5 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Education Masters Degree
Occupation Education
Diet I do not follow a specific diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities several times a week
Languages Chinese (Mandarin)

Jenny's Bio

I love being active, but recently, my activity has been confined to chasing my 1 1/2 year old toddler around. I would like to connect with other moms with toddlers on hikes.

Jenny's Recent Status Updates

Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot I don't know why I'm still hungry...can't tell if that's hunger of fullness in my stomach.
8 years ago   
Andrea Drugay   at 4:27pm September 16
Heya, Jenny ~ if you're interested in taking this a little deeper, I'd recommend any book by Geneen Roth. IMO, she is one of the best out there on this topic!
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot My Body stats is finally working... I don't have to lose 128 lbs. anymore!
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 8:28pm September 13
Ha Ha! ouchie!
Jenny Blackfoot   at 8:43pm September 13
I know...what a relief!
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot Woke up with extreme case of pink eye...good thing I'm working remotely today.
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 6:59pm September 09
Yuck! I just pictured that in my brain.... and yuck!
Jenny Blackfoot   at 8:29pm September 09
i know... it's yucky
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot Fitness workout made me sooo sleepy...zzz
8 years ago   
Jenny Blackfoot   at 8:26pm September 07
does meditation count as sleeping?
Patrick Lo   at 8:31pm September 07
only if you're snoring
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot Need to go on a hike this hell with this hiking hiatus.
8 years ago   
Chris M   at 5:00pm September 07
yes, I believe so. I heard something about rock mazes, but didn't see any yesterday. Unless the maze was so intricate that I'm still in it, unwittingly.
Andrea Drugay   at 8:53pm September 07
We went hiking yesterday, too! San Pedro Valley Park, overlooking Pacifica. Beautiful day for it! Jenny, you'll be so happy to get back out there!
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot Camping with a 2-year-old is least hubby packed the sleeping bags this time!
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 2:20pm August 24
It's like an episode of Survivor.
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot Excited about my camping trip up to Mendocino this weekend...hope hubby remembers to pack the sleeping bags this time!
8 years ago   
Patrick Lo   at 8:17pm August 18
Oh god, camping without sleeping bags is brutal. I would have to say my worst camping experience was sleeping in a tent with a puddle in the center of a tiny tent. I had to sleep in a ball for the whole night.
Jenny Blackfoot   at 8:45pm August 18
Yep, that sounds pretty miserable alright. That and having it rain without a fly on top of the tent.
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot waiting for the start of hiking season for Half Dome
8 years ago   
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot looking forward to x-country skiing for the first time...
8 years ago   
Jenny Blackfoot
Jenny Blackfoot wishing the rain away...
8 years ago