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Ian Wing

Ian's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 New Beginning Basketball Player 
 Beginner I exercise to lose weight, I exercise to maintain my health, I exercise for the mind/body connection, I exercise for rehabilitation 
 Beginner Beginning runner 

Ian's Profile

Height 5 feet 6 inches (167.6 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Education Bachelors Degree
Occupation Artist
Diet I do not follow a specific diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities several times a week
Languages Japanese, Korean

Ian's Bio

Coming straight from the 4-0-8! Don't try to hate!

I'm illustratin' all day

Ian's Education

High School Mount Pregnant
Graduated in 2001
College San Jose State University
B.F.A. Degree
Concentration in Animation/Illustration
Graduated in 2007

Ian's Recent Status Updates

ian wing
ian wing A great interview about the health risks of excessive sugar:
7 years ago   
ian wing
ian wing Whoa! Check out the new updates for the 'mybody' calculator.
7 years ago   
Patrick Lo   at 8:18pm February 09
looks sweeeeeet
ian wing
ian wing Tomorrow's plan: Obtain Jersey. Eat Lunch.
7 years ago   
ian wing
ian wing Lunchtime run FTW! It was a beautiful day outside and it felt good to burn off all that egg nog.
7 years ago   
ian wing   at 9:37pm January 06
I hope we both understand FTW to mean "For The Win"
ian wing
ian wing Lunch-time fitness course: 2 cycles at 9-stations. 2nd day of exercise and I feel great! No cheescake in the office today, so bring on the CANDYBARS!!!
7 years ago   
ian wing   at 6:13pm November 10
I'm releasing a new line of candy bars, called 'LUNGE BAR' which will soon be followed up with a new line of workout equipment, called 'LUNGE BARS'
ian wing   at 6:52pm November 10
ian wing
ian wing Lunchtime run, fitness course and stair-sprints! Bring on the cheescake!
7 years ago   
ian wing   at 4:57pm November 09
Hey! I work hard, I eat hard. Yep, that's my motto.
ian wing
ian wing Anyone got any good resources for healing sports injuries? My ankles are killing me after yesterday's game!
8 years ago   
Andrea Drugay   at 12:38pm October 01
RICE! Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. That means NOT standing at your desk, Ian! :-)
ian wing   at 12:19am October 05
I'm asian, I eat Rice all the time. As for the rest of that stuff, I could definitely use some more. It's been a few days and my right ankle is still the tiniest bit swollen. Should I be worried?
ian wing
ian wing Where'd all the sunshine go?
8 years ago   
Jesse Bodas   at 3:49pm August 16
It will be here later..I think...
Caren B   at 4:08pm August 16
It came to visit me in Seattle! :-)
ian wing
ian wing Petro's out all next week. Finally the rest of us can score some goals!
8 years ago   
Jonathan Campbell   at 4:49pm August 02
Please don't inflate his ego.
ian wing
ian wing Guess who's Goalie today? ~> This Guy! <~
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 4:08pm July 29
Go get 'em Ian!
Daley Tocher   at 4:14pm July 29
ian wing
ian wing Ah well, I'll have to wait another day for the jersey. The two goals felt great (especially the game winning goal) but don't compare to countless shots blocked by the dreambreaker Julian Q! Congrats.
8 years ago   
ian wing
ian wing That Jersey is MINE! (Tomorrow)
8 years ago   
Anthony R.   at 1:52pm July 20
This could be a song Petro... Do I smell "Super Bowl Shuffle"?