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Irina Z

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Irina's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Intermediate Recreational Basketball Player, Former Basketball Player, Basketball Fan 
 Beginner Beginning Player, Recreational Player 
 Beginner Recreational Swimmer 
 Intermediate Recreational player, Former player  

Irina's Profile

Height 5 feet 4 inches (162.6 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Education Bachelors Degree
Occupation Human Resources
Diet I do not follow a specific diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities several times a week
Languages English, Russian

Irina's Education

High School Del Mar High School
Graduated in 2005
College UC Berkeley
Attended as an Undergraduate
Political Science Degree
Graduated in 2009

Irina's Teams

Irina's Listings

San Jose, CA
Ice Hockey Teams

Irina's Recent Status Updates

Irina Z
Irina Z iSport Raptors are in 2nd place!! woohoo!! We beat the 2nd place team last night 2-1 in a very scrappy game and are now 1 point ahead of them! Championship here we come!
7 years ago   
Irina Z
Irina Z Scored the game winning goal in my ice hockey game last night w/ 1 min left!! what a rush! :-)
7 years ago   
Jonathan Campbell   at 10:07pm February 07
That's wicked awesome! You're a natural!
Irina Z
Irina Z Roller hockey championship game tonight - wish me luck!
7 years ago   
Allie O'Connell   at 5:27pm January 12
Did you win?
Irina Z   at 11:15pm January 12
We lost :-( and I almost got into a fight w/ one of the guys, i was so fired up! But its ok - we made it to the championship - that's a feat all in itself! I can't wait to get a rematch against them!
Irina Z
Irina Z roller game tonight - i'm ready to kick some major ass!
7 years ago   
Irina Z   at 9:58pm October 29
No, lost 4-3 - it was a tough game. We'll get 'em next time.
Irina Z
Irina Z Double header in hockey last night - won both games - the first was a roller game - 8-7 in OT, the second was ice, final 4-2. WOOHOO!!! hockey rocks!
7 years ago   
Jonathan Campbell   at 9:58pm October 27
Agreed. And that's one heck of a night. You must be tired!
Irina Z   at 10:29pm October 27
yeah, i'm a tad fatigued, but I just looked at my roller game as a warmup to my ice game. It was fun! Going to bed early tonight tho...
Irina Z
Irina Z Guess who stole the puck from the other team's best player in front of their net and scored the game winning goal against the 1st place team?? That's right - Irina the Mafia Princess :-) We won 6-3, Mike had a hat trick - woohoo!! we're unstoppable!
8 years ago   
TAKA K   at 2:02am October 14
Do you play Oct/17 as a Night Hawks player? If so, see you on the ice!
Irina Z   at 8:23pm October 14
Yep, I'll be playing w/ the Nigh Hawks this Sunday. See you out there!
Irina Z
Irina Z The iSport Raptors are victorious in their first regular season game!! We kicked butt w/ authority winning over the Benders 10-3!
8 years ago   
Irina Z
Irina Z tough roller game tonight against the team that rocked us in our first game, 10-3. payback time? ;-)
8 years ago   
Irina Z   at 3:28pm September 22
we won! 5-4 in OT!! :D Daley had so little faith too... hahaha
Caren B   at 4:12pm September 22
Awesome!!! Congrats :)
Irina Z
Irina Z playing against a tough roller team tonight - wish us luck!
8 years ago   
Irina Z   at 9:09pm September 16
We lost - 4-3 - really close game. We'll get 'em next time.
Irina Z
Irina Z First time scoring in a league game and I get a HAT TRICK!! Thanks Mike for hooking me up with those beautiful passes! we won 6-2! Lets hope I can keep this up...
8 years ago   
Craig Kreutzberg   at 3:53pm September 10
Nice work!
Daley Tocher   at 3:14pm September 13
Irina Z
Irina Z Won our roller game last night 8-4 - Mike was a beast w/ 3 goals and I had an awesome assist - woohoo, our team is finally starting to kick some butt!
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 4:47pm September 02
Awesome! Way to go!!
Irina Z
Irina Z Finally Victorious! Won our roller game last night 4-2. Thanks Mike for the 2 goals at the end to seal the victory!
8 years ago   
Caren B   at 5:21pm August 25
Irina Z
Irina Z Excited for my first "official" roller hockey game tonight. Wish me luck!!
8 years ago   
Daley Tocher   at 7:43pm August 04
How did it go? I want ALL the details!
Irina Z   at 9:53pm August 04
it went ok - I had a decent game but our team lost pretty badly: 10-3 - stop by my cube for details :-)
Irina Z
Irina Z Scored my first goal in a roller hockey game last night. :-)
8 years ago   
Jimmy Tran   at 3:19pm July 13
Can I dub you the Rollin' Russian?
Eddie Avakoff   at 1:17pm July 14