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Sarinka H

Sarinka H
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28 years old
Fremont, CA
  • General Info

  • Ballet

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

Sarinka's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Advanced I practice Pilates to increase my performance in my sport 
 Advanced I practice yoga to increase my performance in other sports, I practice yoga to increase physical strength, I practice yoga for the mind/body connection 

Sarinka's Profile

Height 5 feet 5 inches (165.1 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Education High School Degree
Occupation Arts
Diet Generally healthy diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities every day
Languages Russian

Sarinka's Bio

A Vaganova trained ballet dancer with a love for all things dance.

Sarinka's Education

High School Washington High School
Graduated in 2006
College Saint Mary's College of California
Attended as an Undergraduate
English Literature Degree
Concentration in Critical Theory,Ballet
Graduated in 2011

Sarinka's Recent Status Updates

Sarinka H
Sarinka H taught 7 classes back to back yesterday in the 100 degree heat. Be careful out there dancers...Stay hydrated!
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H is all done with summer intensives and starting on rehearsals for the 2010-2011 season! Nutcracker, anyone?
8 years ago   
Sarinka H   at 5:44pm August 16
I'm actually guesting as the Snow Queen at the school I teach for, Tiffany's Dance Studio! The show is a cast of 300+, at Chabot College. :)
Caren B   at 6:04pm August 16
300??????? WOW! How exciting!
Sarinka H
Sarinka H taught her students one foot releves in arabesque; a big tip: let your working leg lift you!
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H Take care of your feet--a tiny bouncy ball from the local grocery store can be the best massage tool ever!
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H thinks that few things are better than dancing outside on a beautiful summer day! Talk about taking advantage of the weather...
8 years ago   
Eddie Avakoff   at 7:31pm June 23
few things that ARE better than dancing outside on a beautiful summer day:
1) ice cream
2) face painting
3) forts
4) hidden pockets (like on cargo pants)
5) front-row parking spots
6) Rocko's Modern Life
7) Will Smith
Sarinka H   at 7:52pm June 23
Hmm, I beg to differ! Dancing burns calories, ice cream adds (although it is delicious). Face painting is done FOR ballet! (See: Guide to Stage Makeup). Forts...I can't argue that one. Hidden pockets and cargo pants are bummers, because they make you look 15 lbs. heavier all the time. I don't drive so I cannot appreciate parking spots. Rocko was great, but there's no new episodes. And Will? Hmmm. Great in Hitch, but I wasn't nuts for Hancock. :P
Sarinka H
Sarinka H is exhausted after teaching 5 ballet classes then doing a 7 hour photoshoot...madness!
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H ask and you shall receive: Bye bye, clouds and rain--hellooo sunshine and warm weather!
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H is dying to go swimming. Weather, make up your mind!
8 years ago   
ian wing   at 4:16pm June 08
Daley Tocher   at 7:34pm June 09
Sarinka H
Sarinka H just did a photoshoot that lasted till 2:30 AM. But it was productive!
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H wonders if it's awful that she has gotten compliments for losing weight after being sick for a week...and smiles about it. Dancers are so weird.
8 years ago   
Sarinka H
Sarinka H would like her arthritis to go away. Ballet makes you old so fast...*clutches lumbago*
8 years ago